Monday, September 28, 2009

Party Time!

I know it is still September, but before you know it, the holidays will be here. So, to help you get a head start on the festivities, I've put together a cheat sheet on deciphering the dressiest of all the dress codes…

Black Tie: Think formal. For women, this means a dress (cocktail or full length), or dressy evening separates. For men, it’s simple…a tuxedo is the only way to go.
Black Tie optional: For men, if you forgo the tux, the only other option is a dark tie and suit. For women, you would go with the same rules as above.
Semi Formal: If it is a daytime event (like a wedding), a man should wear a suit, and a woman can get away with a dressy suit as well, or a shorter dress. If the event is in the evening, take it up a notch. Men should go with a dark suit, and women, a cocktail dress.
Cocktail attire: Again, a dark suit for men. And for women, a shorter dress in an elegant material.

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