Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Cents" of Style

I am writing this today as result of a recent conversation. It began when I was asked by someone what I did for a living. When I told her, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Wow, your clients must be wealthy!” Now, this isn’t the first time I have heard this, so that is why I feel it necessary to set the record straight.

First of all, to my knowledge (I haven’t seen their bank accounts); none of my clients would be considered “wealthy”. Actually, in my opinion, someone of great wealth is probably NOT going to hire someone like me because (1) they don’t need/want someone to show them how to make the most of what they’ve got, (2) they could care less about how to “get the look for less”, and (3) they aren’t particularly worried about wasting money on clothes that are not best suited for them.

Saying that though, I understand that for some of you, the idea of hiring a Personal Stylist may seem like an extravagant indulgence, but it truly is an investment…in yourself! Why do I say investment? Let me explain by asking you something…

Do you have mistakes hanging in your closet? Have you spent money on items you never wear, don’t love, and that still have the price tags on them?

Now, I want you to take inventory of those items not being worn and just hanging in your closet and estimate how much money you spent them? More often than not, the amount would be significantly larger than what it would cost for one session with me. So, what is a session with a Personal stylist like? Again, there are some misconceptions…

No, I am not going to make you get rid of everything in your closet or berate you for choosing certain items and styles. a la What Not to Wear. During Wardrobe Audits, I often find treasures in my client’s closets that they didn’t even realize they had…making new outfits of items they already own! And when it comes to buying new items, I take the stress out of shopping when I show my clients how to streamline and focus their shopping, and how to create the look for less. Simply put, my goal is to help you create a fun and functional wardrobe that will make you happy, looking and feeling your best, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Why take it from me though? Here’s what some Practical Fashionista clients have had to say about my services (by the way, NONE of them are “wealthy”).

"I hate shopping - everything about it. I always second guess my purchases and have spent a fortune buying certain items, and then they don't match anything I have in my closet....what a waste of time and money! So I was excited when my husband purchased Lisa's Personal Shopping service for me. She picked tops and belts and scarves and shoes and even jeans - off the rack and they all fit!!! Even the jeans! Everything was co-ordinated and she even gave me a cheat sheet of what items to look for to add to my new ones! Lisa, you were an absolute delight to work with and you picked items that I NEVER would've given a second look. My closet is now full of colour and I don't feel stressed about not having anything to wear! Plus, I'm getting lots of compliments, which always feels nice. Lisa, I can't thank you enough!!!"

"I love it because I now have a guidance of what to look for and what to try on! I hired Lisa because I was committing crimes against fashion and her consulting, incisive questions and style knowledge (her deliverable was an actual personalized style guide which I refer to from time to time) have helped turn my life around! I now shop confidently, wear clothes that fit my body and make me feel beautiful and sexy. I'll definitely recommend Lisa - I had a great time and felt comfortable with, and trusted her. P.S. Thanks for the product & clothing line recommendations!"

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