Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LG Fashion week - preloved

Backstage at LG Fashion Week- Toronto

Attended a couple of shows at Toronto Fashion Week on Monday, and have to say I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE! In particular, with what local Toronto brand preloved is doing for Fall/Winter 2010.

I have always been a fan of preloved. Not only because of it's unique one of kind beautiful designs, but also because of how they create those clothes. Pure eco chic, preloved hand picks quality vintage clothing and deconstructs it to make a one of kind garment. Something that not only has attracted the attention of the sustainable style crowd but of celebs like Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Hilary Duff,

Before the show (and excited to find out what was in store), I went backstage to talk with preloved founder Julia Grieves about their F/W 2010 collection. "Pure Canadiana" was the description I was given and after seeing the show, I can`t think of a better way to describe the F/W 2010 line.

Now, it was hard to get any decent pics during the show (since the models move...HA HA), but I did manage to get a bit of video using the video recorder on my camera. You can check out some of the show here...

Here`s the coles note version though...

When it came to texture, there was everything from leather to wool, patterns ranged from argyle to leopard print, and styles from harem pants to shorts with leg warmers. As well, lots of high waisted pants and skirts, high necked tops, lots of layers, and mixing of patterns (a personal fave of mine). All of which was created using reclaimed fabric!

In fact, in the past year, more than 80,000 wool sweaters, 50,000 pairs of wool trousers, 10,000 dress shorts, and 7,000 trench coats have been used by preloved to create their clothing. Clothing that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

So, if you are looking for truly one of a kind, gorgeous, eco chic fashion...check out preloved at Clothing that is good for you and the planet.

P.S.Though this has nothing to do with preloved, I have to include a pic of this dress that was in the louge area...made of chocolate and cookies! AND chocolate! What more could a girl ask for...

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