Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breathing new life into your clothes!

Let's talk about re-purposing and making the most out of your clothes. Whether they are old, damaged, or you're just bored with them...there are things you can do to rescue your clothes and create some new items at the same time.

1) Take that old cocktail or formal dress you will never wear again, and have a tailor cut the bottom off and make it into a cute top you can wear with jeans during a weekend night out on the town.

2) If last years Spring coat is still in good shape but you are just kind of bored with it...rathar than thowing it out (what a waste!) and spending more money to get a new one, why not find some funky new buttons to sew onto it, and a cute belt (in a hot colour of the season!).

3) You've put your favorite white shirt in the wash only to discover afterwards that a pen was in there with it. If you can't get the stains out, instead of tossing it, go and buy a clothing dye that is darker than the ink stains (like a navy blue or a purple), and dye your shirt for a brand new one!

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