Friday, May 28, 2010

More, more, more...Sex and the City 2!!!

The premier was last night, and all I can say is...J'Adore SATC 2!!!

So, in honour of the girls and the new movie, a cheat sheet on how to unleash your inner Carrie, Samatha, Charlotte, and Miranda style.

Carrie - It's all about mixing! Whether it's patterns, high and low end, or styles.

Samantha - The sexier the better. Whether it's skinny jeans with heels, body hugging dresses, or bold accessories.

Charlotte - The ultimate girly girl. From florals, to ruffles, to preppy chic.

Miranda - City chic. You invest in quality clothing that can easily be mixed and matched like tailored pantsuits, silk blouses, and well made shoes.


  1. Miranda has always the better style.

  2. Miranda and Charlotte for sure have the more realistic style - but Carrie is just too fun! Samantha...a bit too sexy for me!;-)



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