Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Practical Fashionista's Top 3 Spring Fashion Trends


Denim Anything
No longer just for your jeans, jackets, and skirts...go for a denim skirt, some denim braided jewellery, or even some denim shoes. Just make sure you are only wearing one of them at a time! No one likes the "Texas Tuxedo" look.

One of my all time favourites (and one of my most complimentary colours), I am so happy to see grey is big this season. Grey is a great neutral (and a great alternative to boring black) and looks super chic with spring colours like turquoise, coral, and butter yellow.

Not the granola eating hippie kind...The new tie die is toned down and instead of all the colours of the rainbow, it's really just one colour mixed with some grey and white. As well, it's on a much smaller scale, so not as in your face. Think urban chic.

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