Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shades of Summer...

Okay, they protect your eyes and the skin around them from the harmful rays of the sun, so yes, sunglasses are a necessity this item of year. But they are also a major accessory during the summer months! Here, some of the top trends for Summer 2010...

Gradient Lens - Half shaded from top to bottom, these may be minimalist, but make a modern statement.

Rimless Aviators - More sporty than sassy, these are a hot trend in sunglasses this year.
White-framed -  I picked up a pair of these last summer, so I guess I am ahead of the fashion curve?! HA HA I had no idea they would be so hot this year, I just liked them. A return to the 60's mod style and not for the wallflower. 


  1. I like all of these - though because I wear bifocals, I have to stay with my prescription lenses that change and become darker in sunlight. Wish I had a bigger eyewear budget - I'd definately add one or more of these!

    Nice tip for summer!



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