Friday, July 16, 2010

SUPER CUTE Summer Work Outfits

 Cute at work? Curious to hear your comments as to whether you think these really are appropriate for work.

Check it out...


  1. As an image consultant, you probably know what my reaction is. I only totally agree with a handful of them. Most of them have one of the items that's acceptable but then there's an issue with the other half.

    My favorite is #32.

    Bottom line: Just because you see it in the media doesn't mean it's appropriate or acceptable for the workplace and/or your specific industry or company.

  2. Kimberly, I totally agree with you. As far as Personal Stylists (Image Consultants) go, I like to think I am more liberal than most, and I always encourage people to try to be a bit more creative and step out of their comfort zone with their style...but I found the majority of these outfits SO inappropriate for work! When I saw this, I just thought, "no wonder there are so many problems/confusion in the workplace about what is and is not appropriate for work."

  3. Hi Ladies,

    The above outfit is appropriate work attire for Kimora Lee Simmons! For the rest of us mere mortals, this is NOT appropriate work attire.

    IMHO, I think Oprah magazine does a very good job of depicting real women dressed appropriately for a variety of positions in different industries.

    I'd wear the outfit above if I were traveling to St. Bart's. For me, the dress needs to be longer. And stylish slip-on sandals to travel comfortably + get through security quickly :-)

  4. Hilarious Dena! And I agree that Oprah's magazine does a great job of offering fashionable, but real world styling options. I often use that mag with my clients.



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