Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your best colours...

Colours can work for or against you. Wearing the wrong ones will make you look tired, ill, or unapproachable. The right ones however, will give you an overall younger and healthier appearance, brighten your complexion, and can even make your teeth appear whiter! If you want to find out what your "WOW" colours are with an in person or virtual Practical Fashionista Colour Analysis, click here

But...if you just want a simple DIY way of determining whether or not a colour is right for you, here is one way to figure it out. Take off your make up and stand in front of a mirror in a well lit (with lots of natural daylight) room, hold a piece of clothing up to your face. If you see the colour first, it’s not the best for you. If you notice your face first, the colour is better for you.
Remember, the best colours for you will bring out your best features, not wash you out.

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