Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic Colour Personality

This weeks posts are going to be dedicated to Colour Personality. Not to be confused with the best colours for you based on your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour (which would be Colour Analysis), but on what your style personality prefers when it comes to colours.

For example, let's start today with those of  you who prefer lots of neutrals. You know who you are! The ones who avoid colours that are "too" anything. Too bright, too dark. You tend to feel best when wearing colours that don't attract too much attention. Those of you who prefer this style of colour dressing tend to be known as the "Classic's". You prefer the simplicity and timelessness of neutral colours, and like that you don't have to worry too much about what goes with what because neutrals, well they go with everything, don't they? Some of you will prefer to dress head to toe in your neutrals, others will use them as the basis of your wardrobe and mix them with other colours (especially in your accessories). Just remember though, those of you with warmer complexions will look best in warmer neutrals like brown, camel, khaki, and olive. If you are cooler in your colouring, you are best sticking with greys, navy, and black.

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