Friday, October 29, 2010


As if losing weight wasn't hard enough, while shedding the pounds, you have to deal with your clothes not fitting you properly! But since you are not done on your weight loss journey, you aren't about to blow the bank on a new wardrobe, right? It's important to feel good about your appearance during the journey though, as opposed to "waiting until I've lost all of the weight". So here are some tips to make the transition easier (and the items that will work for you when you've reached your goal).

1) Simply constructed items that can be altered easily later on.

2)Dresses and tops made out of jersey are great because of the stretch, and how well they retain their shape. For now, while it may be a bit too snug, layer items over top. Then as you shed the weight, you can shed the layers as well.

3) Accessorize! Scarves, funky broaches, statement necklaces...anything that will bring the eye up and make you feel more stylish and put together will help you feel great and make you want to stay on track.

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