Friday, December 10, 2010

Trends of the Season

So, what's H-O-T this Holiday Season?

Sparkles - From sequined shoes to bags, jackets and skirts. Just make sure to keep it to one piece at a time, and let everything else take a back seat. For example, pair a sequined skirt with a plain white blouse, a sequined jacket with a simple tank top and pair of jeans, or a pair of sequined heels with a simple dress.

The LBD - The little black dress will never go out of style. But this year, it's all about showing your personality with it. Go for details like tulle, lace, and embellishments to make yours stand out.

Bold Bracelets - Go for something unique, big, sparkly, or all of the above! Layer them as much as you want, and don't worry about being too "matchy matchy". Bold sparkly bracelets are great for going from evening glam to casual weekend wear. If you are looking for some affordable, funky ones, check out my designs HERE

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