Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bag Ladies

Whether it's a designer bag that cost you more than a mortgage payment or a funky bag you picked up on sale, we know that your choice of purse speaks volumes about your style and personality (even when your clothing choices are not).

Some of us have a different one for each season (or even outfit), but that may not be a financially feasible option for everyone. In the circumstance of the latter, it's important to consider your lifestyle and the function of your purse. Here are some options to get you thinking about the best one for you...

The Tote: This is for the woman that needs/likes to carry around the regular purse essentials as well as paperwork/books.

Across the body bag: Great for anyone who needs to be "hands free". Perfect for Mom's, tourists, and great when you are out and about shopping and multitasking. Just note that this type of bag is not very flattering to your figure as it cuts it in half, and distracts from your outfit - but if function is more important that fashion, this is the bag to go with.

The Over Sized bag: This is the "everything but the kitchen sink" bag. A great choice for women that need to carry EVERYTHING with them. Unless it is absolutely necessary though (you have a long and busy day ahead of you that requires you to have your purse essentials, work materials, clothes for the gym, etc), I usually recommend women avoid this type of bag for an everyday bag. Unless it matches the stature of your figure, it is just overkill. Really, there is nothing sillier looking than a petite, small boned woman carrying a bag that looks like she could sleep in it.

The Handbag: The "IT" bag for the most feminine of women, because the style forces you to carry it in a very ladylike way (by hand or on your forearm). A classic style, it is the most versatile of all the bags - perfect for all occasions and outfits.

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