Friday, August 12, 2011

Pear Shaped Style Tips

Okay, I have to admit I hate the "Pear Shaped" term - or any other term that refers to women's bodies as a piece of fruit. The truth is though, when women are searching for body shape tips online, those are the terms they use. So, to make it easier for people to find my tips, I used it. Okay, I have said my piece...

So, if you are like alot of women out there and tend to be fuller on the bottom than the top, here are some of my best "Dress your Body" tips along with some pics to give you inspiration.

Bring the focus up...
Go for tops that have alot of visual interest to help bring peoples focus up and away from the fullest part of your figure. Think shine, sparkle, brighter & lighter colours, design details, prints, and embellishments.

1. Lots of details in a lighter colour distracts from everywhere else. 2. Again, a lighter top in a print brings the focus up. So does the lace detailing that points upward. FYI- Polka dots are SUPER hot for Fall 2011 too! 3. A light colour in a shiny material creates curves up top and brings the focus upward. 4. An animal print in a bright colour? Need I say more? 5. A bright bow blouse makes sure all eyes focus up. Plus, the bow blouse will be a popular trend this fall as the 70's revival sticks around for another season. 6. A cute striped top paired with jeans creates the perfect "girl next door" casual look. And the horizontal stripes balance out your fuller on the bottom figure. 7. A fun printed top in a bright colour with a neckline that shows off your neck and clavicle AND showcases your small waist...who could ask for more?!

Along the same theme of bringing the eyes up, show some skin...
Bare arms, clavicles, shoulders, and decolletage will for sure distract from your lower half. Plus, they showcase your slim upper body.

K.I.S.S. (okay, the "Keep it simple, stupid" is a bit harsh, I know)...
Seriously though, when it comes to your lower body - avoid everything I told you to do with your upper body styles. Go for simple cuts, in solid colours for the most flattering look.

1. You can never go wrong with a slightly flared dark wash jean. 2. For work, simple flat front pants with a crease down the front of the leg...super slimming. 3. A fun and flirty A-line skirt in a brighter colour can work, as long as you pair it with top that is lighter in colour or has lots of detail. 4. A black pencil skirt with a belt is slimming and will hit you in all the right places and showoff your super small waist and gorgeous curves.

Show off your best features...
For most 'fuller on the bottom" body shapes, one of your best features is your small waist. Don't be afraid to emphasize it stand out belts and fitted tops. This won't make your bottom half look long as you stick to the rest of my suggestions already mentioned. Remember, it's all about the top half, so if your fave feauture is your sexy shoulders and arms, go sleeveless when you can. If it's your clavicle and decolletage, choose v-neck and cowl neck tops. And don't forget the power of accesories like a super funky necklace or stand out earrings to bring the attention to your gorgeous face.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I have a pear shaped body and I find it hard to easily find good items for my body.

  2. Glad you liked it Claire. Hope they help you when shopping in the future!


  3. Where can I get an a-line skirt like that red one? I have been looking everywhere!



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