Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transition your Dress from Summer to Fall

Lately, the temperature seems to have dropped a bit here in Canada. By no means is it Fall yet, but it's not the sweltering Summer days we had just a couple of weeks ago either. This 'in between the seasons' kind of weather can be tricky to dress for. It can be done though when you use your Summer dress as your key piece going into the cooler Fall weather. It's all about layering, adding heavier materials in your handbags and footwear, and just mixing it up a bit. Here, some ideas to give you inspiration...

(And yes, I used the same handbag in each outfit - I AM the Practical Fashionista after all)

A scarf and pair of leggings make this flowy mini dress work in cooler temps

Take this strapless maxi dress from Summer to Fall with a jean jacket and chunky suede heels

Add a cardigan and some flats to take this dress from cute to cozy in an instant 


  1. Not sure you really want to retails for almost $2400 US. HA HA

  2. I am sure you can get something similar at any discount department store.

  3. Love your bag!! :)

    Vanesa x



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