Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Savvy Shoe Shopping

No matter your size or body shape, chances are you can always find a shoe that you love! And for the most part, the majority of women have more than enough pairs - but always want more. Here, some of my savvy shoe tips...

1) If they are super embellished, very trendy, or an eye popping colour or print - you will be limited to what you can wear them with. So, for "fun" shoes like these, make sure they are affordable. Chances are, you will most likely get bored with them fast too.

2) When it comes to heels for the office, it's okay to ditch the basic black. A tan or nude heel is just as versatile, and when paired with skirts, will make your legs look longer.

3) When it comes to a classic "go to" pair that you will wear with everything from jeans to pays to pay for quality. When you are wearing a pair day in and day out, you need them to last for a while.

Shoe Clips from The Headband Shoppe
4) Lastly, if you want to try something fun and get more mileage from each pair of shoes - a fun and funky pair of shoe clips are a great choice for changing up your look without having to splurge on a new pair of shoes. From flats to heels, they can give your shoe and your entire outfit the fashion update you are looking for - without breaking the bank. Check out some of my faves HERE.

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