Friday, October 21, 2011

Clothing Swap!

So, what are your plans this weekend?! As the weather gets colder, we start thinking of ways to keep ourselves entertained inside. 

Well, what about a Clothing Swap with your best gal friends? It's a great way to score some new clothes and accessories, spend some time with the girls, and it's free! 

Here, some Clothing Swap Tips...

As the Host
  • Make sure each guest has someone else coming that is similar in size.
  • Set guidelines for the quality of clothes (ie. pieces under $100 only, or over $100 only) so no one is embarrassed or feels ripped off.

As a Guest
  • Remember, you don't want stained, ripped, or outdated clothes - so why would your friends want yours?
  • Don't forget to bring accessories like your jewellery, belts, and scarves. These are pieces that will work for any body type.

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