Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fashion Rules

As a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant, I know all about the "rules" when it comes to dressing your best. Those who have worked with me though, know that I always say it's good to know the rules - so you know how to properly break them. Saying that though, there are some rules that I NEVER break...

1) When it comes to the colours closest to your face, always wear your BEST ones. No matter how much I love a certain top, if it is not in one of my best colours - forget it!

2) No matter how much I love a specific trend, if it doesn't match my personality style - I don't do it. I have tried in the past, but it only results in wasted money. I end up wearing the piece once or twice before abandoning it my closet because I always feel "off" whenever I wear it. A perfect example is a white button down shirt. Every "Style Expert" says it is a basic piece everyone should have, but I have yet to find one for me - it's just not me. So, if it's just not for you, don't force it.

3) Dressing for my body shape. I have yet to meet a woman, no matter what size, who doesn't have a body image issue. The best way to get over it is to dress for your body shape. Stop beating yourself up and trying to fit into clothing styles and cuts that are not made for your body shape. You will feel better about your body and your total image. Stop trying to make your body work for the clothes. Instead, get the clothes working for your body!

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