Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When did style become so serious?

Today I want to chat about about experimenting with fashion and having some fun with your style. As a Personal Stylist, I often hear from clients who say they are bored and want to step out of their comfort zone and add some WOW to their image and style. (FYI - the pics here were found online, they are not my clients).

But every once in a while I get a client who when it really comes down to it and simple style suggestions are made (like adding a new colour, mixing different colours, or trying a new shape or style) they refuse to even try it. They say they like it, but it's just "not them". Well, if you like it, chances are it could very well work for you!

Think about this...Have you ever considered that what you are currently doing is maybe "not you"? Maybe that's why you don't feel confident and excited about your style?

It takes a small thing to make a big change so the next time you are out shopping and see something you like but hear yourself saying it's "not you", I dare you to at least take it into the changeoom and give it a try - you may be surprised with (and even like) the "new you" you see. And you may even get excited about it too! How bad could that be?

What a cute and stylish "Mom" look?!

Yes, you CAN wear leggings and skinny jeans at any age!

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