Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wear It 3 Ways - The Faux Fur Vest

It's a big trend this year...

And today, I wore my faux fur vest and got lots of compliments on it - one of which was followed by, "I wanted to get a fur vest this year, but didn't because I wasn't sure what to pair with it." 

Well, here's a few ideas to give you some inspiration if you're feeling the same way...

For work, keep it simple with a pair of black trousers, heels, and a tailored sweater or blouse. For a night out, try a sassy sequined skirt and silky blouse with metallic heels. For a casual everyday look, go for a pair of dark wash jeans and pretty coloured blouse.


  1. One of my favorite trends this year. Great styling ideas. Thanks!



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