Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top Tips to Looking and Feeling Great for 2012

Own up, after just a couple of weeks of 2012, how many of you have broken your new year’s resolutions already? Been to the gym like you promised? Stopped impulse buying the wrong clothes like you planned? No, thought not. We start the year with the best of intentions, but it’s those big changes that are the hardest to make, especially in the dead of winter when all you want to do is curl up on the couch. But here to brighten your day are our top three tips for looking and feeling great this year.

Dress bright to help feel bright

In summer we all dress in light, bright colours; while in the winter it’s natural to reach for the darker shades. But it doesn’t have to be all shades of grey til the spring comes - to help brighten your day, put away those drab colours and add some sparkle with a crisp white shirt, a sequined scarf or a jewel-colored clutch bag. 

Start planning your Spring look


Yes, there’s still some time to go until we can wash winter out of our hair, but it’s never too early to start planning your spring wardrobe. There’s lots of looks to choose from – if bold colour blocking isn’t your thing, then take a look at the pastel shades gracing the spring 2012 catwalks. 

And for maximum impact, invest in a peplum shirt, skirt or dress – the short flared waist teamed with straight skirt or pants makes for a stunning silhouette.

Eat well, sleep well, and don’t forget to smile


Nobody’s perfect, so don’t beat yourself up if you fell off the wagon pretty quickly in terms of New Year’s resolutions. Just try to make little changes – take the stairs instead of the lift once in a while, swap out one fatty snack for a healthy one, and one sugary drink for a good old fashioned glass of water. Get your eight hours a night as often as you can, and remember – smiling not only uses less muscles than frowning, it also causes less wrinkles, and actually makes you feel happier. 

Guest post contributed by Katie, who writes on behalf of Cafe La Moda, the social space for fashion tips and beauty advice to leave you looking and feeling fabulous. 


  1. I love this guest post. Really great tips, I'll try to do all of them :D . I'm already planning my springs looks :P

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady

  2. I'm planning my Spring Looks already too - as I watch the giant snowflakes falling outside! HA HA



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