Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ahhhhh....Valentines Day! A day all about love and of course, chocolate! But let's talk about the former...

How do you show love to yourself? Well, I have an idea! How about learning to love your body and stop stressing about some sort of unattainable ideal and just 'letting it go' once and for all. Or learning how to relax and stop stressing when it comes to getting dressed? Good news - I have the answer.

Love from the Inside Out
An intimate and interactive workshop on loving the way you look and how to stress less about getting dressed

  • Complete freedom from body image issues and that unattainable idea of perfection?
  • Being able to define your style, create a fun & functional wardrobe that matches it, and enjoy shopping again?

If so, then you’ll definitely want to attend “Love from the Inside Out”!

Created and presented by yours truly and Personal Trainer Michelle Pitman, “From the Inside Out” is all about transformation, but not in the typical fashion. Get it, fashion? Okay, seriously though, from transforming the way you think about your body, diet, and exercise, to your style and personal image, you’ll leave with practical tools that will not only help you manage your feelings about your body, but manage your personal style and wardrobe too! How much fun is that?!

In honour of Valentine's day and loving yourself, tickets go on sale today! And to keep this an intimate and interactive event though, there are only 15 spots available, so get your ticket now to avoid disappointment. 

Visit the event page here to find out more and get  your ticket before they're gone.

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