Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Head Over Heels for Over-The-Knee Boots!!!

From pop princess Hilary Duff to the queen herself, Madonna, celebs everywhere are sporting the “IT” trend for Fall/Winter 2009/2010…Over-the-Knee Boots! Now, at first glance, these taller than average boots may seem a bit much worn off the runway, but worn the right way, they CAN work for everyone.

Some rules to keep in mind…

Choose a neutral colour like black, brown, camel, grey or any other earth tone. Skip the bright colours. They’ll be too hard to match, and quite often, tend to look cheap.

When it comes to material, stick with suede or matte leather. Avoid anything too shiny like patent leather. It’s too “Pretty Woman”, and we all know what THAT look says...

Do a medium width/height heel, or go with a flat. Don’t go too sky high or chunky when it comes to the heel…again, it’s kinda cheap looking.

And lastly, because of the sexiness of this style of boot, make sure the rest of your outfit is somewhat understated and not too tight. At all costs, make sure your legs are fully covered with a thick, textured pair of leggings (like Hilary and Rhianna), or with skinny jeans. That means NO bare skin showing (like Hayden).

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