Friday, September 11, 2009

A fresh new take on an old classic...

It’s been called a wardrobe staple. The classic white button down shirt. Wearing it the wrong way though, can result in a pretty boring look...not to mention one that resembles some sort of uniform (white shirt with black pants, anyone???). That’s why today’s post is dedicated to my top three ways to wear the classic white button down shirt.

- For a very chic French look, pair it with dark skinny jeans (DO NOT TUCK IT IN), add a wide belt and some heels, and Voila!

- For a sexy look, wear it fitted and tucked into a knee length leather or suede skirt. Layer a bunch of long necklaces over top.

- For an “Audrey” look, pair with skinny black Capri pants and metallic flats.

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