Friday, March 26, 2010

Accessorizing yourself

Accessories (specifically jewellery) are not only the easiest and least expensive way to update your look, but are the best way for showing off your style personality!

So, next time you are shopping for some new accessories, think about your style personality and what "goes" with it. Even when you are wearing the most basic of outfits - like a pair of jeans and a simple top (or you have to wear a uniform for work), your choice of accessories are the perfect way to show off your personality to the world. Some examples...

"Dramatic", a bold and chunky pendant necklace
"Natural", a turquoise beaded necklace and bracelet
"Classic", a thick silver bangle
"Creative", a big and flashy gemstone ring
"Romatic", long strands of flirty and feminine pearls

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