Monday, March 29, 2010

Male Style Mishaps

This "Manly Monday" post is dedicated to all of the women out there who cringe at the following male fashion fumbles but feel too bad pointing them out to their men. Here, the Practical Fashionista's top three. Guys, listen up...

1) The cheap suit - Guys, it's time to ditch the boxy, dated, drab looking polyester suit. Even if you don't wear one to work, you need one (weddings, funerals, job interviews). So, invest in the best quality you can afford, and please make sure you are professionally fitted for it.

2) Baggy, light wash, tapered jeans - Please get rid of them! For more details, just refer to last weeks post about Dad Style...the rules apply to ALL men.

3) Man jewellery - It's definitely "a look", but one that doesn't really work for any guy unless he is a rock star. So, put away the flashy rings and necklaces. Show your fashion sense by going for a funky statement watch instead.

4) Overly Metro Sexual - Personally speaking, this is my most cringe worthy one. Yes, we women like our men to be clean and well groomed (clean and clipped fingernails, toenails, facial hair, and hair). But seriously, the shiny glossed nails, the too tight trendy t-shirt, skinny jeans, pointed shoes, and man purse are just a bit much. Keep yourself nicely groomed, iron your shirt, get a nice pair of jeans and quality pair of shoes and we like-y!

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