Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Fashion!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Now, while most fashion posts today will be about green coloured clothing and accessories, I want to talk about green clothing and accessories. Get it? I'm talking about eco friendly style. Which at one time maybe meant funny smelling, itchy fabrics in boring colours. Well, no more. Today it can be found in high end, cutting edge styles in beautiful fabrics. And by the way, there is more than one way to "green" your wardrobe...

1) Choose clothing in eco friendly fabrics like organic cotton & wool, bamboo, even soy silk!
2) Buy from designers who make their collections from reclaimed fabrics and clothing. One of my favourites is local Toronto store Preloved (google "reclaimed clothing" to find similar designers in your area).
3) DIY Upcycling - reduce your carbon footprint by recyling your own clothing into new pieces. For example, that cocktail dress you'll never wear again...take it to a tailor and have it cut and made into a cute fitted top you can wear with your jeans and heels for a night on the town.
4) Plan a Swap party with your friends.
5) Last but not least, shop second hand and consignment stores.You'd be surprised at the quality, high end, designer pieces people no longer want that you can get for a steal! FYI...I once found a Betsey Johnson dress at a thrift store that fit me like a glove, and got it for $8!!!

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