Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boudoir Style

It was all over the runway this year, and a big trend this season...boudoir style (AKA lingerie inspired looks). Now, not that you are going to go out of the house dressed like one of the models above, but when done properly, boudoir style can look gorgeous. Make one mistake though and you risk looking trashy. Here, how to do it with class...

1) Do only one lingerie inspired look at a time. Go with the bustier, the lace tights, or a fitted silk/satin skirt...just don't do it all at once.

2) Pair the sexier pieces with more toned down masculine and neutral pieces. For example, (a) wear a bustier or camisole with a pantsuit, or (b) a fitted silky skirt with a simple button down shirt and flats.

3) If you want to do lace, think accent pieces like lace leggings with a covered up style dress, lace details on a top, shoes with lace on them, or a lace embellished purse. Remember, a little lace goes a long way!

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