Monday, April 5, 2010

Office Awesome-ness

Guys, want to take your boring office attire up a notch? Here are some tips...

1) Forget the boring black and navy, go for a grey suit. Whether light, medium, or dark, there is a grey that will suit every complexion. Not only does a grey suit looks a bit more fashion forward than its black and blue counterparts, but is so versatile that it looks awesome with any colour! For fun and for spring, think purples, pinks, maybe even lime green!

2) Don't be afraid to mix patterns. As long as they are in the same colour will be okay. For example, pairing your light blue striped button down with a paisley tie with navy, grey, and light blue in it. SMASHING!

3) Show some personality. Just because you have to wear a suit to work doesn't mean you can't let your style personality show. Do it with a cool statement watch, your choice of footwear, or a funky tie. All of these items add visual interest to an outfit and will help you get a good way!

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