Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Jegging

They've been in style for a little while now, but they are sticking around for Spring 2010. For some of you, this may be great news, others may be wishing it was long gone. I'm talking about the "Jegging". The jean-legging. Here, some notes on how to wear them...

1) Treat them as you would leggings...That means worn under long tops and jackets that cover your bottom. No short tops allowed!

2) For the most flattering/safe look, get a pair in a dark wash. If you wouldn't wear white pants, you're not going to like white/light coloured leggings. Plus, the darker they are, the more sophisticated looking.

3) If you want to go all out and be the "fashionista", go for a distressed, tie-dyed, or acid wash jegging.

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