Monday, April 19, 2010

Maximizing your Shirt & Tie collection

To get the most out of any wardrobe, the key is to have pieces that can all be used with one another. And when you shop in the future and consider buying a new item, to first assess whether or not you have at least 3 items in your current wardrobe your new item can "become friends with". Here's how to do that with your shirts and ties.

- At all times, make sure your ties are darker than your shirts...this will make things easier as you go along.
- Keep everything within the same colour groupings and make sure those grouping go with one another. For example, for guys who aren't afraid of colur, you may want to always go with greys, baby blues, light greens, and soft purples. For the more conservative guy, always stick to whites, navy blues, reds, and dark greens. This way, everything will always mix and match with one another.

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