Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everything is coming up Roses...

A Rose Is A Rose—Except When It’s An Eco-Beauty Powerhouse

Go ahead and breathe deep—smell that? That’s the scent of spring roses. From now through early autumn in most parts of the country, everyone’s favorite flower is gonna be gettin’ its bloom on. But you, lucky Ecoista, can enjoy its botanical beauty benefits all year long with these rose-based, eco-beauty essentials, which are free of parabens, petrochems, synthetic perfumes and animal testing—pretty much any baddie on our Big List.

Why roses? Serious results, in the form of cell regeneration and uber-hydration, from rosehip oil (rosehip is the pomaceous fruit of the rose plant—otherwise known as that bulb-y thing on your rosebush that looks like a weird tomato), which contains linoleic and linolenic essential fatty acids, as well as high concentrations of vitamin A, to treat eczema, acne scars, sun-damaged or mature skin.

Along with the astringent, bactericidal and—dare we say—aphrodisiac properties of rose petals distilled to create rose water and rose essential oil, these pretty flowers go so much further than scent. (But that’s nice, too.)

Ever since we popped a bar of Wembé White Rose Cleansing Blend into the shower, we lather up with a sense of connection to the natural world. Which is exactly what Wembé intends when it creates fair-trade, natural body products from Amazonian botanical elements. Speckled with rose petals and beautiful colored using organic vegetable dyes, this Paraguayan-made, vegan cleansing bar is luxurious and effective enough to use for daily bathing, and pretty enough that you’ll think twice about using it as, well, soap.



Yes, we love our essential oils, but there is something to be said for serious perfume. Composed of ridiculously high-quality, certified organic, wild-crafted, biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences, in complex arrangements orchestrated by master perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis, Strange Invisible Perfumes never disappoint. Their Aquarian Roses perfume smells like roses, certainly, but it’s richer and deeper than that. This mutilayered scent lasts throughout the day, leaving you with little whiffs of deliciously beautiful fragrance that evolves as it warms and softens. Captivating.


Do you want what she’s having? Celebs love CARE by Stella McCartney 5 Benefits Moisturizing Fluid—for good reason: It’s light, lovely to smell and packs a moisturizing and nourishing punch with grape seed oil, white mallow extract, green tea extract and rose oil. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it was created by the green queen herself.

Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil delivers targeted results with organic rosehip fruit oil, organic jojoba oil and highly prized Damascus rose flower oil. Before crawling under the covers, dab this beautifully scented oil on trouble spots—under eyes, around the mouth, on the neck. While you’re getting your zzz’s, Radiance is hard at work hydrating and repairing cells for a firmer, dewier look when you wake. Talk about beauty sleep!

Need a fuller bouquet? Visit EcoStiletto’s Beauty section for more of our picks, plus a chance to win $1,500 in eco-beauty giveaways! (link to

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