Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GLAM it up!

The Glam trend is hot for this season, but how do you do it without looking like you are overdressed, or worse, like you are still wearing your outfit from the night before???

Here how to go Glam for daytime...

1) Embellishments - More subtle, less Minelli. Something like this Silk bead-embellished tank dress would be so cute for date with a pair of simple metallic flats.

2) A little bit of shine goes a long way - Whether it's sheen or sparkly, just keep it to a minimum. A little sparkle in a neutral colour gives a menswear inspired suit a much needed feminine update.

3) Bling It Up - When in doubt, some seriously eye popping accessories (like a purse, shoes, or jewellery), are the easiest way to go GLAM in a flash.

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