Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty style to DYE for!

Tie dye is a hot trend again this year. But as we know, trends come and go, so why spend a ton of cash on them? Here's an idea to get in on the tie dye trend and it won't cost you anything (well, maybe a bit of bleach, some rubber bands, and a wash and dry, but that's it!).

Take a pair of coloured leggings (black, navy, grey...I have some purple ones I am going to try this out on). Scrunch the fabric of the leggings in random places, tie with rubber bands...and continue all over. Dip the tied off sections in bleach one at a time, let dry for a bit, removed the bands, and voila...tie dyed leggings (very hot right now)! Just make sure to wash them before wearing to avoid smelling like a recently chlorinated public pool. ;-)

By the way, if you wanted to spend a bit of money, and create a colourful tie dye white leggings and fabric dye and repeat the above process.

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