Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Day Make Up

I am very excited to introduce you all to todays guest blogger Dimitri James. An International TV personality, author of Becoming Beauty, make up artist, and Founder of SKINN Cosmetics, Dimitri is respected in cosmetic circles for his innovative products and cutting-edge technology. And today, Dimitri is giving us his top make up tips for your wedding day.

  • Use a mattifying gel before you apply your foundation to keep skin matte for photos.
  • Do not choose any makeup or colors with frost or sparkle; these shades do not photograph well.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Set your makeup by lightly spraying a mist of extra hold aerosol hairspray about 12 inches from your face.
  • Avoid shiny or gloss lipsticks as they do not photograph well and they do not last.
  • Layer a cream blush under a powder blush for longer wear.
  • Choose a matte translucent powder lighter than your skin color because as you reapply it will darken.
  • Do not apply a clay mask the morning of your wedding day because it will make your skin look shinier.
  • Hold a cotton swab soaked in eye drops that relieve redness over any last minute blemishes for 15 minutes or until the redness disappears.
  • Choose a matte flawless coverage foundation that is self-setting and transfer resistant.
  • Use a lip stain under your lipstick for color that lasts all night long.
  • Use real perfume behind your ears and your knees. Also apply perfume to the palms of your hands so that your fragrance lingers behind after you shake guests’ hands.
  • Apply a dry body oil to any exposed skin on shoulders, arms, or legs.
  • Apply a light brushing of matte bronzer to the d├ęcolletage area and in a circular motion over each breast if your gown is strapless or the d├ęcolletage area is exposed.
  • Apply antiperspirant spray to your palms, underarms, and feet. If your face tends to perspire, apply antiperspirant to your clean skin before applying makeup. This trick is fine for special occasions, but do not do this every day or you might break out.

Dimitri James is a makeup, hair and beauty expert who regularly appears on the Shopping Channel throughout Canada and ShopNBC with his SKINN Cosmetics & Skin Care line (

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