Monday, May 10, 2010

Urban Cowboy Style

From the athletic jock to the metro sexual...just like women, guys have their own unique style personalities. Today, some tips on how to do the urban cowboy look in a modern way.

1) Ditch the flannel shirt. For a more fashionable look, go for a vintage looking Western style button down shirt. Use your shirt as your statement piece and get one with details like pearl buttons or some embroidered details.

2) When it comes to your jeans, a distressed and/or faded style is best. It just ups the "cool" factor of your look, without making it look like you are trying to hard. Also, make sure they are not too tight or you'll risk looking "dated". You want a nice boot cut and somewhat fitted, but never tight! For dressier occasions, go for a darker wash.

3) For some extra fashion flair, a cool belt buckle will do the trick. Think chunky silver or if you're really daring (and it works with the rest or your outfit), turquoise.

4) And lastly, but most importantly, you can't be an Urban Cowboy without the cowboy boots. Some may say you should get creative with snakeskin or two toned boots, but I say the when it comes to the footwear, the simpler the better. A classic brown, black, or even grey pair will always look the best, and provide more versatilty within your wardrobe. YEE HAW!

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