Monday, August 2, 2010

Practical Fashionista Summer Style Don'ts

Here, my top 3 Summer Style Don'ts...
 *warning, these comments may offend some, but it's time for some tough love here

Clear bra straps: They look cheap, so just go strapless. If you can't go strapless, pick a different top (or try the "Strap Perfect").

 Designer Display: If you are a walking advertisement for a bunch of labels, you need to change. It looks materialistic, and lacks style and creativity.

 Shopping in the juniors section: I don' care how great a figure you have, if you are over a certain age, stay out of the juniors/teens/misses sections. You may think you look cute, but you just look silly.


  1. Go ahead ... get "offensive". I love it! Hope all is well.



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