Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3 Little Steps to Heaven...

We have ALL been there. Going about our day when all of a sudden we realize we didn't plan on doing so much running around when we decided to wear THOSE shoes today and we are dying in pain, or that new pair of shoes is killing you before noon. Well, have I got the answer for that footwear emergency! They're called Fit in Clouds.

Fit In Clouds are portable shoes that fold and fit into a small matching pouch. Carry the pouch in your purse, and have access to a fashionable solution when your feet start hurting in those heels! These foldable shoes are wearable outside thanks to their thick split sole which provides you with the ultimate in comfort and protection. And the best part is they are fashionable, stylish and compact for you to take everywhere! Perfect for...

Formal events - Heels are a must at weddings/graduations and formal events! Carry these portable shoes in your purse, and you never have to worry about the heel pain!

Late night partying - How many times have you left the bar with heels in your hand? Think twice about walking barefoot on those sidewalks and get a pair of foldable shoes

Commuting - Dread walking to work in those heels? Now with Fit In Clouds, you can walk without stumbling, and easily store them under your desk or drawer at work.

Driving - Driving in heels is not the most comfortable. These foldable shoes are small enough to keep in your car glove compartment for emergency use.  

Travelling - Planning to spend some time on a long flight? Kick off your heels and put on these portable shoes that you brought on-board in your purse! 

Another awesome thing about Fit in Soles - their prices include shipping & handling to the US AND Canada! So, the price you see on their site is the price you pay. And from their patent leather, to sequined, to metallic styles, there is something for every style personality. 
Check them out @


  1. Where were these when I was standing in heels at a 2 day trade show in Ottawa???

    They look like the perfect solution!

  2. They are awesome! And one lucky swapper will get a chance to win a pair Friday night @ Swap til you Drop!



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