Friday, January 7, 2011

I recently read a National Post article about men and fashion which stated that "according to a recent survey (conducted confidentially for a men’s fashion label) — and despite the publication of dozens of men’s fashion how-to books, interactive websites and hundreds of blogs — learning the basics of how to dress well remains a challenge for a good majority of Canadian men."

Some of you may think this is an obvious statement (I hear it from wives and girlfriends all the time asking me to help their men), but in defense of the men out there, I have to admit, there aren't a ton of resources for them in this area. On top of that, there isn't alot of variety out there when it comes to fashions. Sure, there are a variety of labels, price points, and styles, but let's be honest, it's nowhere near as vast a selection as us women have.

So, what's a guy to do???

Well, to begin with, you can start doing some research. Some of my fave sites for guys style are, the style section of, and the blog

Another great starting point is to start scouring a couple of men's fashion magazines looking for looks that appeal to you and your lifestyle/personality, or  taking notes of certain public figures/celebs whose style you admire.

I personally think Ryan Reynolds is always a class act!

And if none of that appeals to you, but you still would like to explore the idea of "taking it up a notch" when it comes to your style and image, what about using the services of a Personal Stylist?

Using a Personal Stylist is no longer reserved for the rich and famous! Moms, professionals, recent graduates, and small business owners are all doing it. That's because they have discovered that the unbiased opinion and expertise of a Stylist can help them discover and create a look they will love, and helps them save time and money when it comes to looking and feeling their best. 

When you look good, you feel good, and exude a positive vibe that others are attracted to. Whether it's in business, or your personal life, that's a smart investment (with a high return) to make.

If you would like to casually chat about how the Practical Fashionista can help, contact the Practical Fashionista today! Or ladies, what about giving the Gift of Style to your guy for Valentines day? Just an idea...:-)

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