Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camel Conundrum

It's such a great Spring neutral, but I often hear women complain that Camel is either too boring a colour, or too warm for their cool complexion. Nonsense! Sure, Camel is a great classic which often makes people think "boring" - but there are ways to up the hip factor of Camel. And as long as you know which tone of Camel to go for, it can work for both warm and cool complexions.

If you are warm, stick to the traditional caramel like Camel, and make sure to only pair with other warm colours (like the outfit on the right).

If you have cooler colouring though, your best Camel is a lighter, more greyed down, beige like Camel, and pair with cooler colours (like the outfit on the left).

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