Thursday, February 17, 2011

For the love of shoes...

Women LOVE them! Whether they are boots, sandals, heels, or sneakers, women have their fave footwear, and they tend to have ALOT of them. Today though, I want to chat about the ones you should have, and the ones (if you are over 30 years old) you should toss.

Keep (or get) 

Peep toes - Cute for the warmer weather, but still covered up enough for the workplace. Just make sure your toes are polished.

Kitten Heels - Perfect for the woman who is a heel newbie...these tiny heels (less than 2 inches)can be worn all day.

Platform Heel - Great for adding height without the pain. Platform heels not only have the higher heel, but are stacked under the ball of the foot as well, which helps distribute your weight more evenly, making for a more comfortable heel than a stiletto. Wedge shoes do the same trick as well.

Knee high boots -THE choice of footwear in the fall and winter. A nice fitted pair of knee high boots looks great with opaque tights and skirts and dresses, over skinny jeans, and underneath your wider leg jeans.

Walking Shoes - These are the shoes you wear when running around doing errands, shopping, or sightseeing. No, I am not talking about an old pair of sneakers, ``old lady`comfy shoes, or a pair of Crocs! I am talking about nice, well made rubber soled, dressy casual shoes like the DKNY ones above.

Get Rid Of

Flip Flops - First of all, they offer no support whatsoever and are so bad for your feet - they really don`t do anything for your overall look either. Save them for the beach!

Uggs - Ugh! All I have to say is wearing the same boots as your 13 year old daughter looks silly.

Anything with an ankle strap or that wraps up around your leg - Ankle straps and espadrilles will just make your legs look shorter and thicker...enough said.

Thigh high boots - Unless you have mile high, super thin legs and you are looking to make your legs look shorter or wider, skip this style all together.

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