Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When people find out that what I do for a living is show women the best cuts, styles, and colours to make them look and feel their best...inevitably, someone always me about some fashion or style tip they were once told was a "rule" when dressing. And for the most part, the "rule" is usually outdated and no longer relevant. 

I was recently asked about a specific rule regarding hosiery, so today, I am dedicating this post to some of my "tips" (not rules) about wearing hosiery.

1) Going bare with your legs (even in the workplace), is more accepted in this day and age, but if you are just not comfortable doing so, or you work in a more conservative environment where you MUST wear hosiery (stockings, pantyhose, whatever you want to call them), your best bet is a pair that looks as close to your natural leg colouring as possible. That means no tan colours or sheen to them. Your hose should look exactly like your natural legs, only better. Saying all of that though, a sheer black stocking with some sheen is still perfectly fine for evening.

2) A sexier option, fishnets no longer have the "sleaze" factor attached to them they once had. Fishnets can actually look quite classy, and look great on almost everyone. Worn with an overall more conservative look, fishnets can also add that little bit "extra" where your outfit may be lacking. When choosing a pair, look for ones that have a reinforced bum though. You don't want fishnet from toe to waist because the lines will show on your bum and hips if you are wearing something fitted or clingy. Also, skip the fishnets with a seam up the back, it will drive you crazy trying to keep it straight all day.

3) If sheer hose aren't your thing and the fishnets are too much for you - but you still want to have some fun with your hosiery, go for a pair of patterned or textured tights. If you are out of your teens though, you'll want to avoid things like polka dots and plaids. For a more grown up look, go for  patterns and designs like herringbone, paisleys, lace, and vertical detailing (avoid horizontal details unless you want to make your legs look thicker).

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