Friday, February 11, 2011

What's your lingerie personality???

With Valentines Day just days away, the Victoria's Secret ad's are in full force. Sure, I get it...the whole wanting to dress in some sexy "underthings" for your partner on Valentines Day. But what's sexy to one person, may seem trashy/boring/silly to another. That's because not everyone has the same personality style...and that even translates into underthings. For example, if on a day to day basis, you are a no make up, lululemon wearing, ponytail kind of girl, you are most likely going to feel silly putting on a red bra and panties with some black stay up fishnets. Plus, that is so predictable by now, isn't it?

So, in honour of Valentines' Day, some sexy lingerie ideas for the different styles out there.

For the European Chic look: Try a brightly coloured or funky printed bustier paired with a pair of black frilly underwear. A pair of fishnets and sexy heels will compete the look.

For the Theatrical look: Think Moulin Rouge style. Maybe a silky babydoll slip with lace or sheer details. Again, paired with some fishnets, and statement heels to complete the look.

For the Natural look: Think nude colours with subtle details. Maybe it's a sheer nude bra and underwear set, or a soft nude colour bra and underwear with a small polka dot print and some simple lace or bow details. Simple and sexy!

For the Sassy look: Go bright or go home! Think bright colours. Look for something with lace or ruffle details on both the top and bottom. No need to match here...the more mismatched, the better...this look is all about fun! Pair with some fun heels, and you are done!

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