Thursday, February 3, 2011

The "Rules"

As a Personal Stylist, I often have people quoting "rules" to  me that they have heard about fashion/style that they believe are gospel. First of all, every rule has an exception and quite frankly, most of them are dated. Today, to stop the madness, I am going to set the record straight.

Old - Always match your handbag to your shoes.
New- Actually, matching the two is a very dated look and will make you look older (sometime a bit tacky too). It's better if they "go with" than match.

Old - You can only wear metallics/sequins/shiny fabrics for the evening.
New - One metallic/sequined/shiny piece in your outfit is a great statement for day.

Old - Never mix patterns or print.
New - When the colour tones match, mixing patterns and prints is very chic.


  1. Love this post!
    It's very inspiring and I hope I can implement it!



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