Friday, February 4, 2011

Fuller in the middle...

Today's post is for all of the ladies out there with a fuller midsection. Maybe you have always had this shape, but most likely,  your body morphed into this shape as you got older, but typically it looks like this...fuller midsection with no waist definition, you may or may not have a large chest, and you probably have great legs. 

Don't worry though, your body IS easy to dress once you have some guidelines in mind. And if you forget everything below, one rule to keep in mind...Avoid dressing in big shapeless pieces thinking it will hide you - it will only make you look bigger all over.

Now for the things that will make you look fab!

1) When it comes to tops, go for a style that is fitted around the slimmest part of your torso (which will be right under your boobs), and skims away from your midsection. Note: "skims" is not to be confused with flaring away in a big, billowy way. As for more casual shirts like tank tops or t-shirts, ruching will be your best freind when it comes to disguising your belly.

2) When looking for pants, if you can, go for a flat front (no pleats) style with a wider waistband to help hold you in. As well, try to find a pair of pants that do up at the side. When it comes to jeans, go for a more tailored pair with wider legs. All of these tips will help avoid adding any extra bulk to your midsection. These same rules applies to skirts as well.

3) For jackets and blazers, remember what I said above about avoiding big, shapeless pieces? That means you should probably avoid the traditonal square cut jean jacket or puffy coat and instead go for something with tailoring that will give the illusion of shape. A more open neckline (weather permitting) is best too.

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