Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you a Chameleon???

If you aren't yet, you may be after reading this! I have just discovered the most amazing dress, and what's even better??? It is designed and manufactured by a Canadian Designer! It's called the Reversible Chameleon - a convertible wrap dress by Isadora  Clothing.

The Chameleon dress, Isadora's exclusive version of the convertible wrap dress, is custom made every time! You choose the fabric (velvet, satin jersey, matte jersey or bamboo/organic cotton jersey), the colour (over 100 to choose from), size, length and hem style. Thanks to the selections of styles (5 in total!) , colours, and fabrics, they are perfect for everyday wear or something more fancy. 

One of my fave ideas for this awesome convertible dress is for bridal parties! Pick the same fabric in the same colour, but each girl can wear it in her own way to suit her personal style and body type. How cool is that? 

I even love the Ruffled Chameleon style for a more contemporary and casual bride!

It's not only dresses though...they make swimwear and tops too!

To find out more about Isadora's Chameleon Dress and other designs, visit Isadora's online shop at

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