Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to do about your...

Thick Calves. Yep, you heard me right! With the warmer weather quickly approaching, baring your legs is almost inevitable. Covering your thighs may be easier, but covering up a thicker lower leg is not as easy. here, some of my top suggestions.


A Maxi dress - Super hot this season, this is a great and stylish way to hide your calves. avoid it though if you are will make you look even shorter. If you are petite, go for an knee length a-line skirt instead. If the hemline hits you at the calf or lower, you need to shorten it. Having a hemline at the widest point will always bring attention to the area.

Pointy toed heels - They make you legs look longer and thinner.

Pants with a crease down the front and/or flared - Always leg lengthening and slimming.


Capri pants or roll up jeans- A hem that cuts your leg off at the widest point you are trying to disguise will just bring attention to it.

Gladiator wrap around or espadrille sandals- The straps wrapping up your leg will just accentuate your thick calves. the same goes for anything with an ankle strap.

And if you don't remember a thing, the best tip is to divert attention away from your calves by bringing the eye up with attention getting tops and jewellery.


  1. Do you know where I could find a great pair of boots that will fit thicker calves and ankles?

  2. I know of specific styles to look for...

    First of all, your best bet is a knee high boot. You want to avoid ones that hit you mid-calf (anything creating a horizontal line across the widest part of your calves will just make them look bigger, and be super uncomfortable).

    Then, look for boots made using a stretch fabric. If you must have leather (or a faux leather), just make sure they have those elastic v-shaped panels at the top.There are alot of slouchy boots too that are great for thinker calves1

    And if you still can't find anything, there are always ankle boots - which are still super hot this year!

    Good luck!




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