Monday, March 28, 2011

To Trend or Not to Trend???

When did "Trendy" become such a foul word? Contrary to popular belief, it's not something only reserved for the 20 somethings. Some women of a certain age worry though that being trendy may make them look like they are "trying to hard" and they worry about what others may think. Guess what? If done the right way, adapting trends to your lifestyle and personality will only make others think that you are current, hip, and (GASP!) maybe enjoy fashion. 

It's not about dressing head to toe in every trend of the season, but adapting one or two at a time. As a Personal Stylist, this is one of my specialties. Showing women of all ages, shapes, personalities, and lifestyles how to adapt current trends to fit them...not the other way around. Yes, fashion is something marketed to the masses, but style is about using that fashion (and trends) to create your own signature look.

Let's use one current trend as an example of how to make a certain trend work for you...the bold 70's style revival.

For the 20 somethings - For a night out, a funky 70's inspired jumpsuit with some sparkly jewels, and funky heels. Or for day, a big floppy hat with a simple sleeveless blouse and jeans.

For the 30 and 40 something's - A cool pair of high waisted wide legged pants or jeans paired with some funky metallic platform sandals.

For the 50+ crowd - Make your 70's statement with a 70's inspired handbag and some exotic and bold statement jewellery.

Fashion should be fun, so have some fun and experiment with the trends when they come out. Remember, it doesn't mean you have to wear them all...pick the ones you like and that work for you, and leave the rest behind.

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