Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting creative with your style

How many of you have ever spotted a piece of clothing, claimed to LOVE it, but then turned your back on it because you didn't have the guts to wear it? Today I am going to dare you to go for it!

I hear from women all the time who say they "can't" wear something. Whether it's because they're worried it would attract too much attention, they have nowhere to wear it, or are worried about what others would think...they seem to always find a reason why they can't give in to something they love.

So, what is it that you love but aren't giving in to? Is it a fun dress, a certain style, or brighter colours?

For example, you see a dress you love but think you have nowhere to wear it. Well, you can always dress it down you know! Super cute for spring...pair it with a jean jacket over top, some cute flats, a casual canvas or straw bag, and simple costume jewellery and you've got a great casual, but creative style.

Let's say you love leather or the new Biker Chic trend for Spring 2011, but it's not something you would feel comfortable wearing in your suburban community. No one is saying you have to go all out Biker Babe! How about adding a touch of this trend with a studded leather bag in a great Spring 2011 colour, or a similar style of sandals? Safe, but stylish!

Lastly, so many women are attracted to colour, but their wardrobes are full of black and other neutrals. If this is you, dip your toe in the water of colour, and start small. If you love shocking pink but aren't ready for it in a sweater, go for a chunky necklace or scarf. If it doesn't mesh with your colouring and shouldn't be worn near your face but you still love it, go for a pair of heels or a funky bangle bracelet set in that colour.

***Speaking of colour, if you'd like to experiment with colour and find out which ones are best for you, there is still some spots left for my Tonal Taster this Saturday morning in Whitby, Ontario. It's free and is going to be so much fun! Message me at for details and to sign up.

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