Monday, June 6, 2011

Amplify your assets to downplay the dodgy bits

As a Stylist, I am often asked by women how to "disguise this part, or hide that part". And I always give the same response..."Stop focusing on what you dislike and how to hide it, and put your attention on what you like about yourself." It will make dressing more enjoyable and by amplifying your already awesome assets, no one will even notice those parts you are always trying to hide.

So, how do you do it? The key is using details in your clothing to bring attention to that area. 

For example...

A brightly coloured/embellished wide belt to show off a tiny waist, or an outfit with strategic colour blocking will do the same

Distressed jeans with a pair of stand out heels to bring the focus to your shapely legs

Funky earrings or a shorter necklace to bring peoples eyes to your gorgeous face

Ruffles, shiny fabrics, and bright colours on the upper body to bring attention to your bust

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